Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Months

Today my little guy is officially 2 months old. Time is flying by. It is hard to remember what life was like before him. The past month has been fun and frenzied all at the same time. This month he has gained more strength in rolling over, can hold his head up by his hands (not just his elbows), coos all the time, laughs, giggles a little, loves to take baths and showers, had his first cold, started teething and loves long walks on the beach (just making sure you're listening!) He weighs 14.3 lbs and is 24.5 inches long. He wears a few 0-3 month clothes and a few 3-6 month clothes. We have perfected the art of cloth diapering (at least for this stage). He loves to be worn in the sling while strolling around Manhattan. He sleeps partially in our bed and partially in the cosleeper. He has slept for 5 hours but mostly sleeps between 3-4 hour stretches. He likes his bouncy seat for a short while, then usually goes back to being worn in the sling. He likes to cuddle. He likes to be held while I bounce on the physio-ball. He is my little man and I love watching his development.

He has also taught me many more crucial things over the past month. As he puts me through mommy boot camp, I am constantly amazed at the new obstacles that he can throw my way.

Life lessons courtesy of Jaxon:

1. Let down still occurs at the most unfortunate times.
2. Patterned shirts are always a better choice for public. (see #1)
3. Cutting a baby's fingernails is an art and a science that require mad skills.
4. His favorite place to breastfeed is walking through the mall being worn in a sling when I have 5 shopping bags in my hands, a drink and not a chair in sight.
5. The quieter the place, the more likely he will cry and it will probably be loud.
6. Cuddling is always a priority to anything I was doing or planning on doing.
7. Any hair near his hands is fair game.
8. Always buy the outfit one size larger as he will outgrow it as soon as you cut the tags, wash it, and make it non-returnable.
9. His smile will always make any day better.
10. When I think I can't possibly love him anymore than I already do, the next day comes and so does more love!

We have definitely had our struggles as any new parents do, but we are so blessed to have him in our lives!

A few parenting books/blogs/news from this month have included:
The Happiest Baby on the Block
Diaper Free Baby
Better for Babies blog
the Natural Child Project website/blog

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Don and I have so much to be thankful for, especially this year. We have had a successful journey across the country, a good job for Don, a healthy baby boy, and a wonderful extended family and friends who have been so gracious to us this year. God has been faithful and amazing as usual! We continue to be amazed by the graciousness and hospitality of the people we meet!

Here is to another year of gratitude, praise and thanksgiving to God for all he has done and continues to bless us with.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Why?? Why do we do what we do as parents? Why do we read, not read, sleep train, not sleep train, breastfeed, bottlefeed, cloth diaper, disposable diaper, organic or nonorganic? These are questions that new moms have to face all the time when preparing for parenting. Unfortunately, these questions continue. There will always be critics of everything you do, especially your parenting style. I did not think I would have to defend my style so early in my child's little life (at the ripe age of 1 month).

Unfortunately, I had an acquaintance and strong proponent of the Babywise method that it is a very realistic version of parenting. She proceeded to tell me that I would not understand until I had more children and that one child is "a piece of cake." This is coming from a girl who has only 2 kids. I do not know her children's temperaments, nor does she know mine. Whether she meant it as a slam or just a statement (with no harm intended), it kind of made me mad. I can take a lot of criticism and tend to run the line of not rocking the boat on parenting styles because you have to do what works for you and I will do what works for me. I also think change for every child, because nothing will work for everyone. But this rebutal is in response to that statement. I will be the first to say that I have so much to learn and really know very little about parenting. I have one child who is 1 month old. I can stand a few "lessons" from other parents. I also am very open to hearing ANY idea that you may have, but I will take it with a grain of salt and move on. I am also aware that having more than one child is different that having only 1 child, but your intention to parent the children does not change. There are alot of issues that I obviously have not crossed because of the age of my child, but that doesn't change how I parent and my philosophy. I am also open to changing methods if something does not work for us, but I won't throw my whole theory out with the bath water.

I am a Christian, wife, mother, sister, friend, green, organic, hippie, libertarian, cloth diapering, co sleeping, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, baby wearing, not sure about schooling, barefooting, natural birthing, thinks pot should be legal kind of girl. (And yes, I said that last statement!)

These are the things that define me as a person and make me...well...me! These are the things that determine what parenting style my husband and I have chosen. Now, speaking of parenting styles...I don't really like to label it. I like to do what seems natural and intentional. That being said, my theories do line up more with AP than with any other philosophy.

That leads me to my explanations of parenting for my husband and I:

1. Natural Pregnancy and Labor: I believe that labor is intended to be a natural process, not a medical diagnosis if you have a healthy, normal pregnancy. I chose to be very holistic in my care, have a natural delivery and be as organic as possible during my pregnancy. I believe that home births and birth center births are awesome. I am saying this as someone who did it and also as a labor and delivery nurse. This is not for everyone, but it did work for us. There are things I did during my pregnancy that probably weren't the best (ie: eating a whole row of Oreos or eating carne asada chips at 3AM), but that doesn't make me a bad mother...just human. I did what I could and I what I thought was best. Why? Because it felt natural!

2. Baby bonding: I believe that baby bonding is very important. I was not able to put the baby skin to skin immediately after birth due to complications, but I did do this as soon as it was medically safe and possible. I cherish the moments where my son laid on my bare chest and his little naked body snuggled close. I cherish the skin to skin breastfeeding. It was the most natural feeling I could feel and loved every minute of it. We did this multiple times throughout the early days and weeks after birth. Why? Because it felt natural!

3. Breastfeeding: I believe that breastfeeding is a privilege and opportunity that I have to do what is best for my child. It provides immunity, comfort, and nourishment all in one. I can continue to increase the bond with my child. Do I think you are a bad mother because you bottle feed or use formula...no, but this is what I have chosen. I also do infant led feeding and weaning. I plan to feed as often and as long as my child desires so that I don't rip that closeness away too early. This is researched fact by the WHO. When people follow methods such as "parent directed feeding", evidence shows possible health implications that could pose harmful for the infant. I get to eat when I want, why shouldn't my child. Do you eat at the same exact time every day and the same exact amount of food? Probably not. This is what is my choice. Why? Because it felt natural!

4. Intentional parenting: I intend to meet all of my baby's emotional, physical, and other needs as much as I possibly can. I plan to learn my baby's cues and cries and determine what he needs...then meet it. I do not think (especially in infants) that children should have to learn to self soothe at such an early age. I also don't plan to offer them more distress than the world will already provide. I want to provide comfort and trust for my child. They need to feel safe with their parents. Why? Because it felt natural!

5. CoSleeping: My husband and I have initiated a family bedsharing process for sleeping. I feel this provides rest for all of us, safety for my child, and comfort for my child. I also find it much easier to fulfill the breastfeeding on demand this way. This may change in the future, but for now...it works. I do think that "sleep training" is important in moderation and with the right kind of model. You either sleep train with time or with tears. I choose time. I don't plan to allow my child to CIO. I plan to use models such as The No Cry Sleep Solution. This will also be determined partially by my child. I get to sleep when I want, why shouldn't he. Why? Because it feels natural!

6. Cloth Diapers: This makes economical sense. This makes environmental sense. This makes diaper rash almost go away. This keeps chemicals away from my baby. They are also just so darn cute on little babies! Why? Because it feels natural!

7. Babywearing: I believe this is important for many reasons. No need for a child to feel like less of a person all the time living at knee high in a stroller. It is easier to move around and I carry less stuff. The child gets to learn from me about social interaction and gets to see things from my perspective. It provides comfort for an overstimulating world. It is "womb" like for my little tyke. I, again, can meet the demands of breastfeeding easier and quicker. I can breastfeeding anywhere at anytime. (yes, I nurse freely in public) He doesn't have to cry and wait for comfort because he is already comforted and is quietly alert in my arms taking in all the sites around. Why? Because it feels natural!

8. Balance: I strive to achieve balance in my life. This includes my personal walk with Jesus, my relationship with my husband, my chores around the house, my alone time, and of course, my parenting time. This is still in the very early stages of my parenting life, but I can still strive for this. Why? Because it feels natural!

Now, all that being said...I have to knock just a little on Babywise. There are many other parenting methods that I disagree with also, ,such as Ferberization. But at least Dr. Ferber is an MD, does research at Boston Children's in a sleep lab. He adjusts his methods according to his research results and states that not everything works for all babies. I can at least respect the man, but I don't have to agree with the model.

Babywise is written by Gary Ezzo. It was first written as Sunday school material for a class that he and his wife taught years ago. He renamed it Babywise when he made a secular version and got a crazy pediatrician to agree with him. If you do your research, though; you will see that he has been ex communicated by his church, his publisher, his business partners, his pastor and HIS OWN CHILDREN! He also has no medical or psychological training in the field in which he teaches. He also relates morality to childhood behaviors. Just because a child cries to eat does not make this child immoral. This method claims to have "no evidence of harm", but it does not claim to have "evidence of NO HARM!" There is a big difference. I for one intend to provide no trust issues for my baby. The big bad world will do that without me helping. Yes, I will mess up as a parent and do the wrong thing. I hope to not do it intentionally, though.

Sorry for such a long blog...but sometimes you just have to vent. This is the most rational, nonviolent, calm and respectful way that I know how.

This is my voice. This is my choice. This is my parenting!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 1 Month

Well, we have made it to the 1 month mark. It has been a crazy, but fun and amazing month since October 7 at 2:08am. He is 11+ lbs and 22+ inches long. He is in the 90th percentile on the growth charts. He nurses like a champ! His calendar consists of eating, sleeping, pooping, visual tracking, the occasional rollover, crying, smiling and trips to Manhattan. He is a great little guy to have around!

I have learned a lot in 1 month. He has trained me pretty well in the art of mothering. Here are some of the lessons that he has schooled me in:

1. I can change a flat, prefold, fitted, and AI2 cloth diaper in the dark, in the floor, with my eyes closed, in the bathroom at Nordstrom's, on a shag rug, and in the car.
2. I can manage to make a full load of laundry in just 1 day.
3. I can breastfeed and sleep through it.
4. Co sleeping is a new change to our habits, but it is great.
5. Babywearing keeps me so much warmer in NYC than I had ever expected.
6. Sleep deprivation has no limits.
7. Every time I go anywhere, I now have to pack what seems to be a full blown suitcase for just a couple of hours. I have learned to pre-plan and pre-pack the night before (especially for early morning adventures).
8. I can cook, breastfeed, and put dishes away all at the same time.
9. A bouncy seat is worth a million dollars in housework!
10. No need to go to the gym when I have an 11 lb moving weight that likes constant motion.
11. Milk let down occurs at the most unfortunate times.

These are just a few of the things that I have learned. Like I said, I have been trained fairly well in this past month. We are starting to groove pretty well. APing is getting much easier. I have a great AP parents group that meets once a month. They are a great group of moms with a wealth of knowledge (especially knowledge of the NYC area). The greatest thing of all, though, is having Don come home after working all day and offer to wear Jaxon around the apt building so I can get a short break. The break of course is much needed and very helpful, but having him offer and seeing him wear Jaxon is the best!!

After all of that, my little man is beckoning me...so Happy 1 month Birthday, Jaxon...we love you!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Story: Jaxon and Mama

Many of you have asked about my birth story. Well here it goes. I write like a nurse, so beware if you don't prefer to hear the gory details.

Don and I prepared for many months in advance to have a natural, hypnobirth labor and delivery. We took the class, read the books, listened to the CDs, and practiced the hypnosis and verbage. I agree with 90% of their model, so we thought it was a great way to prepare. Little did we know that things would be so abrupt. I truly believe in natural birthing and natural pregnancies. The last thing I wanted was a c section or an induction unless absolutely medically necessary. Many of you may not agree with me, but that is my preference. I believe birth is a rite of passage and that it is a beautiful experience that should be enjoyed and not fretted.

As I approached 40 weeks, I was getting a wee bit tired of being pregnant. The mental aspect was getting the best of me. I definitely was ready to go into labor. Apparently Jaxon was way too comfortable though. I don't know how ripe my cervix was. I was taking Evening Primrose Oil, having sex on a more than regular basis, doing nipple stimulation, pumping with a breast pump, tried Castor Oil a few times (only induced vomiting), and walked until I had a stress fracture in my heel. Nothing was happening.

Then came 41 weeks. My Bishop score was a total of 3. Nothing great. I was definitely not ready to go into labor. We had to start at least talking about an induction. I also started getting bi-weekly NST's, BPP's and AFI's. I talked all of the details over with my midwives. All of the above testing for Jaxon was more than perfect. He was simply comfy and growing still. I continued to try all of the above remedies for cervical ripening. No contractions, though.

I had my next appointment at 41 weeks and 6 days. We decided to strip my membranes on this visit, despite my Bishop score. My cervix was very ripe, though. At least all those remedies were doing something. That visit was on Tuesday. I did not have a single contractions all the way through Tuesday evening or Wednesday. I was getting a wee bit frustrated with my body at this time. I also had doubts that anything was going to go the way we planned - as if birth is ever planned!

Thursday rolled around and I had some mild cramping, but nothing that I had not already experienced and had went away. I went walking, took more primrose oil and decided to try Castor Oil one last time. I made a peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla milkshake with 2 oz of castor oil. That actually disguised the taste enough for me to get it down. Again, nothing happened though. I went for another walk, kept well hydrated, cleaned somethings in the house and went about my day like normal. The cramping did not end this time though, but they also did not turn into contractions.

Around 8:30pm, I finally started feeling cramping that became more regular. I made lasagna and put it in the oven at 8:30 and decided to call Don and tell him what was going on. I talked to him while he drove home and told him that I think I might actually go into labor. I called the midwife to update her and she recommended a walk, some wine and some Benadryl to sleep. In my experience, this is typical for a first time labor. I called Don and told him that I would like to take a walk while the lasagna finishes and then try to get some sleep.

He walked in the door at 9:15pm and my water broke at 9:20 with a huge gush of green fluid. I called the midwife back and updated her and told her that contractions had now started and were 2-3 min apart. She recommended that we come to the birth center because we live 45 min away and that we would probably have to go to the hospital for the meconium. Don and I turned off the oven, threw the lasagna in the microwave, grabbed my shoes, he changed and rolled out of the apartment. I left wearing multiple pads, sweats, and sat on a huge towel. My fluid continued to gush, making quite the yucky mess. My contractions all of a sudden were 2 min apart and were continuing to get stronger.

We arrived to the birth center at 10:45pm. She checked me and I was 3-4 cm with a good fetal HR. My contractions remained 2 min apart. We all three drove to the hospital just down the road. I checked myself in while Don fought with NY parking. I paced in the hallway doing my hypnobirth breathing while the nurses stood looking at me. I felt a little weird in that moment. I'm pretty sure no one knew what they were doing in triage, considering I was a direct admit.

I finally got a room, got hooked to the monitor and had a hep lock placed. My contractions were still 2 min apart. The midwife checked me and I was 5-6 cm and that was around midnight. Don started video taping. I was doing hypnobreathing and bouncing on the birthing ball. The whole time, my contractions were all in my back and I had continuous pressure. Don was pushing on my hips and the midwife was doing the hypnobirthing scripts. Everything seemed to be moving right along.

Then it hit, the contractions fell into this overzealous pattern of mayheim. They were less than a minute apart. The pressure intensified and I lost all control of my body. The hypnobirthing philosophy went out the window and I just tried to maintain any respectable composure. I told the midwife that I felt alot of pressure, so she checked me again. I was still 5-6 cm though. I thought I might go insane at this point. I was in tears because my contractions were about 45 sec apart lasting about 1.5 min. My uterus was making up for the past 42 weeks! I had no time to even catch my breath in between contractions. I told Don I wanted an epidural. She and Don both asked me multiple times if that is what I really wanted. I had no idea what I wanted, but I wanted the insanity to end. Fortunately, the anesthesia team was in with another patient at the time. So I continued to breath, focus on the "opening rose", and listen to Don.

While all this was going on in my head, my labor continued in this crazy pattern. I told the midwife once again that I felt pressure. I was unable to hold back the urge to push. This was only 45 min from the last check she had done. She agreed to check me again because Jaxon's heartrate kept dropping. Something was going on...but no one knew what. She did check me and I was complete and +1.

This meant I could push. The relief was coming. I forgot about the epidural and began to push my heart out. The greatest feeling of relief I had had since 9:20pm. I pushed a total of 2 times before the lovely hospital attending came in "to save the day"! She decided she would not let me push because his heartrate was too low. He was already at +2 after only 2 pushes. She made me sit with her hands inside of me doing fetal scalp stim through about 5 contractions. I finally lost it and told her she needed to move along. Finally, the MD that covers the midwifes arrived. He was the greatest doctor on the earth that night. He had the other attending leave because all she wanted to do was cut me. He told me to push. We got up into the bed and used the squat bar. I pushed a few times and then we had to lay back down to get the heartrate. He told me I had 2 more pushes and then he would use the vacuum because Jaxon's HR was in the 70's for quite a while. I agreed. We pushed, but couldn't get him out. He set me up for the vacuum and prepared for should dystocia. Don was on one side and Andrea (CNM) was on the other. The contractions came and so did the most intense burning sensation that anyone could ever imagine. The pop came and his head was out. Only one more hurdle to over come now....the shoulders.

Well, I had a big child so these shoulders were some work, but they came on out. He laid him on my chest and we sat there for a couple of seconds before he had to be suctioned for the meconium. One of the greatest moments of my life came in those few seconds. Yes, the pain had ended, but I had accomplished something. I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy (that might I add was very healthy)!

I had no idea that my labor would only last 5 hours and be almost a precipitous delivery with a hyperstimming uterus. I had no idea that we would completely forget about the scrips, CDs, breathing baby down and all of the other hypnobirthing stuff. I had no idea that I would only have back labor. I had idea that he would not tolerate being abruptly brought into this world. I had no idea that I would have 3rd degree vaginal tearing that would require vaginal packing and 12 different sutures.

I do know that I am so grateful to have a healthy baby boy. I also know that I am very proud of delivering without an epidural or any other medications, even though I did ask for it. I do know that the next time, I will live a lot closer to whereever I give birth or will give birth at home.

We stayed in the hospital for 24 hours. We came home on Friday after eating a meal in Brooklyn. We got home and now the fun has really begun...

Friday, August 13, 2010


I first have to say sorry for all of my 1 readers out there for taking so long to put up a new post. I feel like I have taken on the world in these past few weeks, and well...its winning most of the time. NYC is a very difficult and frustrating place to move into. People can make or break a move, and I don't think New Yorkers really want to make mine easy!!! Enough about that...

We have been studying the fruits of the spirit at church. Last week, we were challenged with a message on kindness. Now I know all of you that know me think I am so kind and don't need messages like this.:) As much as I would truly have to agree with you (JK), I am finding it to be a true struggle. We were each given the opportunity to take a different kindness challenge for the week. My challenge was to purchase the person behind me in line a cup of coffee. It seems like such a simple task. Unfortunately, it is proving to be very, very difficult. Here are the many reasons why...

1. I am still turned off by the smell of coffee during this pregnancy
2. I don't have a car to actually go get coffee
3. I don't ever have any cash
4. The closest coffee shop is not within walking distance
5. I have thought about buying anything for the person behind me in line, but no one has honestly been behind me in a line anywhere I have gone in the past few days.

These are legitimate excuses that I am finding to be the true challenge. When I got the card, I thought...how easy!!! Man was I fooled. My goal is to leave the house Saturday morning for the farmer's market followed by Trader Joe's. I will then go to many many coffee shops around the farmer's market in search of the poor soul who gets to have me buy coffee for them. I will not return home until this task has been accomplished. Operation: Be Kind to a NYer.

The reason for this dyer need to accomplish this is not for my own joy or benefit, although it may sound that way. The reason is Proverbs 3:3 -
"Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart."

Think about all of the impact we as Christians could make by simply being kind...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Points to Ponder

I want to start a little quiet time, devotional, and memorization part of this blog. I'll admit, I'm stealing the idea from a friend's blog, but I think it is a great idea to steal.

Hebrews 12:1-2

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God."

Quiet Time:
Job 40-42

Points to Ponder:
Job 42:7-13

How is your marriage relationship with God? Are you willing to be as honest with your feelings towards God as Job was with his feelings? Peter Kreeft writes, "[Job] is in a true relationship to God, as the three friends are not: a relationship of heart and soul, life-or-death passion.... God is infinite love, and the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Job's love for God is infected with hate, but the three friends' love for God is infected with indifference. Job stays married to God and throws dishes at him; the three friends have a polite nonmarriage, with separate bedrooms and separate vacations. The family that fights together stays together."

Ponder the thought that God can handle you, all of you, even your negative emotions.

-thoughts from The Message//Remix:Solo - Day 72

Beauty in the Midst of Storm

This weekend was a fantastic weekend. We were able to host some very good friends of ours here in NYC. Daniel and Carla Howell and their daughter Madeleine. They arrived on Saturday evening and stayed until Tuesday morning. We had a blast with them. We were able to venture down into Manhattan on Sunday for church and lunch. We ate at Five Napkins, which is a great burger restaurant on West 84th street (for anyone in the area).

We then decided to drive home because it started "raining." Little did we know that while we were eating, one of the worst
storms on the east coast was happening about 5 minutes from our house in Riverdale Bronx. There were wind gusts up to 60 mph and major damage was done. Multiple trees were uprooted and lying in the roads. Many power lines were down and many cars got hit with trees. The Henry Hudson Pkwy flooded just a couple miles from our house. It was crazy!! Overall, I'm glad we decided to head indoors instead of walk around Manhattan, which also got hit pretty hard.

After the bulk of the storm, the sun came out and the horrifically hot humidity that had landed over NYC for the first time in years was pushed away!! It turned out to be a beautiful Sunday evening, with the sun shining and 70 degree weather. We decided to drive up to Hastings on the Hudson (a small town about 10 min from our apt) and walk around a bit. This is what we found...

...we found a blue door. That is all. Everything had closed for the evening. Fun..huh!!!

Oh well, we had a great time with our friends and hope to be able to do it again soon.

For all you runners out there, check out www.thebarefootbook.com. This is Dr. Howell's newest publication (his reason for coming to NYC).

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday

This has been one crazy week. We have finally got our stuff moved in and unpacked. Now all we need to do is set out a few more decorations and we will be done!!!
I have spent the entire week dealing with different insurance companies concerning my maternity coverage. That has been a new experience and a challenging one at that.
I have dealt with some of the hottest most humid weather that I have felt in years, and I get to experience it while being pregnant.

All that to say that we had a wonderful day yesterday experiencing our new city.

We started off our day by going to Journey Church in the Upper West Side. We had a great service worshiping and praising God. Then we had a great message given by a couple of the pastors at the church concerning our plans and dreams for our own lives, and how they intersect with God's purpose for us. It was a great time. I also managed to parallel park our car on the left side of the road in potentially the smallest parking spot that I have ever seen.

After church, we headed to 5th Ave in Manhattan for an amazing lunch at Fig and Olive. It is Restaurant Week here in NYC and that means great food for half the price. I had one of the best Mediterranean meals that I have ever eaten. We spent a while at the restaurant. Again, another parallel parking spot on the left side of the road, this one alot larger though. I did, however, have to reverse past 3 parked cars on the left and long line of taxis on the right to obtain this spot. I'm pretty sure that Don just closed his eyes and prayed as this occurred.

After lunch, we walked around 5th Ave, and eventually ended up at FAO Schwartz to look at baby stuff (AKA - play with toys). After that, we went to Trump Tower to look off one of the roofs from the public gardens at the views of 5th Ave and Broadway.

We then drove ourselves over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn through the village to visit Don's cousins. We spent the evening in Brooklyn, eating at another great restaurant!

After a great day in Manhattan, we made our way back home via the Henry Hudson Pkwy along the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline. This is a beautiful view at night.

Another successful tale from our journeys in NY.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nursing in Public

I have had a few days to think about this. I was reading on facebook a few days ago about someone who saw a lady breastfeeding in Target. I read all she had to say about it and all the responses that were made. People responded from it's a little weird to "it's gross". I was appalled at the way we as Christian women responded to a mother nursing and nurturing her child.

Most of you probably think I'm crazy because I haven't even started nursing yet. I do have feelings about how I will nurse my own child starting in September and my feelings on when and where to nurse. I was going to come on here and state how I feel and give my own thoughts...but...this week happens to be Carnival of Nursing in Public for 2010. The week long "carnival" is presented by Nursing Freedom.

Many people have posted their stories of NIP (nursing in public) on their website this week. One lady posted a fantastic blog about NIP and Christianity. I want to share the link to this blog on my blog and facebook. I have to give credit where credit is due because I did not write any of it. I feel the same about it and share the same feelings, but I did not write a single period or common on this blog. I will however endorse her blog and the website of Nursing Freedom.

I will give a few of my own comments concerning the specific "Target incident" and the things that were said. I think that we as a culture and society are way behind Africa (a continent specifically listed in the comment section after the incident). Dr. Robert Sears and many other well accomplished pediatricians with the World Health Organization have travelled the country to monitor how infants are reared in other countries. America (along with a few other "developed" countries) is the only place that parents nurse out of convenience for the mom, straps the baby to a stroller out of convenience, and moves the baby out of our bedrooms out of convenience for us. There is detailed research that states infants fair better and develop better when attached to the mother for many months after birth (9 total months out of the womb is what the research says.)

Everyone has to do what is appropriate for their lifestyles and their comfort. I am not here to tell everyone to go out and nurse in public today unless it is something you strongly agree with. I am here to ask that you not say things to knock a God-given function that I for one think is best for my child - no matter where I choose to do it. The level at which I choose my modest is a matter between, me, my husband and God...not for everyone else to judge and decide.

Here is a very helpful and insightful article written by a mother:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Living in Moderation

So how much "stuff" can you live without? If you start listing the things that you think that you NEED, then your list would probably get pretty long. I know my list was very long before we started this trip. After 30 days of living with only what would fit in our car, I'm pretty sure that I need to rethink my list.

So the definite necessities include:
maternity clothes (I found out you don't even need shoes)
a pillow
air mattress
cast iron skillet (you can cook anything in cast iron)

A few other good things to have:
laptop (so I can write these intriguing blogs)
GPS (so I can find a library to write these intriguing blogs)
paper plates, cups and bowls
pony tail holders

I challenge you to rethink your list of NEEDS!!!!

On the more selfish side, we are finally going to move the stuff out of our POD on Saturday and have furniture, clothes, more towels, decorations and all of those little things I thought that I couldn't live without...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sausage toes and Five Fingers

Pregnancy and humidity have not been kind to my toes. In response, my five fingers are difficult to fit my sausage toes inside. Once I get them in there, they are staying on. This is my alternative to walking barefoot on black asphalt in the middle of the city in the middle of the summer. (I would not recommend trying that). We took a 1/2 mile walk barefooted down the road from the house we are staying, and my feet were burnt on the bottom from the hot ground. Not to mention, the city brings way more interesting "paraphernalia" than the sands of San Diego.

Whoever said pregnancy was great has not been preggo during the summer months. Everything swells without even trying. I hope that my ankle bones return to the surface soon. I would love to stop the very attractive cankle effect that is plaguing me right now. Anyways, enough about cankles.

We get to move in tomorrow. Slowly, but surely, life is settling in for us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Daddy

I just want to say Happy Father's Day to the two most important dads in my life! First is my dad...
Thank you dad for all of the wonderful memories, advice, help, patience, "lessons", home made chocolate covered donuts when it snowed, support for all of my crazy activities, driving coast to coast with us x 2, and for just loving me like you always have and always will...no matter what!!!

Second to my husband who gets to experience his first father's day this year. Of course, it will be with only me of course. Our little nugget won't be here until September. I know he will be a wonderful father. I can't wait to start creating memories of our own, the lessons that will be instilled, the craziness that we will do with our own kids and most of the love that we can give.

Happy Father's Day x 2.

I love you both so much!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trying this again...

Well, here we are again, trying to keep everyone up to date with our lives. I think we are going to have to slow down in order for that to happen. Here is a quick update on the past few months. Don graduated on April 18 from physical therapy school. We left the next week for a trip to NYC. That is how he got his job working for Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in New York. His clinic is in Mamaroneck, NY. (For all of you trying to pronounce that, it is not even work it.)
We soon started our drive across the country on June 2nd. We left San Diego to go to Arizona and visit the Grand Canyon. That was awesome and we stayed right on Rt. 66. Pretty cool part of our trip.

Next comes the boring part of driving every day for the next 3 days to end in Knoxville, TN. We spent 3 days in Knoxville with family having a BBQ and seeing old friends.

We soon made our way to our alma mater - Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. We spend an unexpected, but relaxing 2 days in Lynchburg with friends and professors. It is amazing how much one place can change when you haven't seen it in 3 years. We also got to stay with one of Don's professors "out on the farm". We had a relaxing time in their farm house while being surrounded by cows, donkeys, goats and every other animal you can think of. Just a shout out for Dr. Howell's new book that is coming out The Barfoot Book. (check out the website: www.drdanielhowell.com to see if he is coming to a town near you!)

We finally left Lynchburg on June 9th to arrive later that evening in Long Island. We drove through the busiest time in NYC to get there. Never will we make that mistake again. After driving everywhere we go for 1 week by GPS, I think we are beginning to feel "at home". (figuratively speaking-because we don't have a house yet).

In a nutshell, I will post pictures once we have a permanent living situation and an internet link to post them with. We are currently "camping" indoors with an air mattress and some clothes. Hey, we are survivors!

The next few months will be interesting with finding a place to live, getting situated, having a baby and anything else that we can undertake!!!