Friday, July 9, 2010

Nursing in Public

I have had a few days to think about this. I was reading on facebook a few days ago about someone who saw a lady breastfeeding in Target. I read all she had to say about it and all the responses that were made. People responded from it's a little weird to "it's gross". I was appalled at the way we as Christian women responded to a mother nursing and nurturing her child.

Most of you probably think I'm crazy because I haven't even started nursing yet. I do have feelings about how I will nurse my own child starting in September and my feelings on when and where to nurse. I was going to come on here and state how I feel and give my own thoughts...but...this week happens to be Carnival of Nursing in Public for 2010. The week long "carnival" is presented by Nursing Freedom.

Many people have posted their stories of NIP (nursing in public) on their website this week. One lady posted a fantastic blog about NIP and Christianity. I want to share the link to this blog on my blog and facebook. I have to give credit where credit is due because I did not write any of it. I feel the same about it and share the same feelings, but I did not write a single period or common on this blog. I will however endorse her blog and the website of Nursing Freedom.

I will give a few of my own comments concerning the specific "Target incident" and the things that were said. I think that we as a culture and society are way behind Africa (a continent specifically listed in the comment section after the incident). Dr. Robert Sears and many other well accomplished pediatricians with the World Health Organization have travelled the country to monitor how infants are reared in other countries. America (along with a few other "developed" countries) is the only place that parents nurse out of convenience for the mom, straps the baby to a stroller out of convenience, and moves the baby out of our bedrooms out of convenience for us. There is detailed research that states infants fair better and develop better when attached to the mother for many months after birth (9 total months out of the womb is what the research says.)

Everyone has to do what is appropriate for their lifestyles and their comfort. I am not here to tell everyone to go out and nurse in public today unless it is something you strongly agree with. I am here to ask that you not say things to knock a God-given function that I for one think is best for my child - no matter where I choose to do it. The level at which I choose my modest is a matter between, me, my husband and God...not for everyone else to judge and decide.

Here is a very helpful and insightful article written by a mother:

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