Monday, July 19, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday

This has been one crazy week. We have finally got our stuff moved in and unpacked. Now all we need to do is set out a few more decorations and we will be done!!!
I have spent the entire week dealing with different insurance companies concerning my maternity coverage. That has been a new experience and a challenging one at that.
I have dealt with some of the hottest most humid weather that I have felt in years, and I get to experience it while being pregnant.

All that to say that we had a wonderful day yesterday experiencing our new city.

We started off our day by going to Journey Church in the Upper West Side. We had a great service worshiping and praising God. Then we had a great message given by a couple of the pastors at the church concerning our plans and dreams for our own lives, and how they intersect with God's purpose for us. It was a great time. I also managed to parallel park our car on the left side of the road in potentially the smallest parking spot that I have ever seen.

After church, we headed to 5th Ave in Manhattan for an amazing lunch at Fig and Olive. It is Restaurant Week here in NYC and that means great food for half the price. I had one of the best Mediterranean meals that I have ever eaten. We spent a while at the restaurant. Again, another parallel parking spot on the left side of the road, this one alot larger though. I did, however, have to reverse past 3 parked cars on the left and long line of taxis on the right to obtain this spot. I'm pretty sure that Don just closed his eyes and prayed as this occurred.

After lunch, we walked around 5th Ave, and eventually ended up at FAO Schwartz to look at baby stuff (AKA - play with toys). After that, we went to Trump Tower to look off one of the roofs from the public gardens at the views of 5th Ave and Broadway.

We then drove ourselves over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn through the village to visit Don's cousins. We spent the evening in Brooklyn, eating at another great restaurant!

After a great day in Manhattan, we made our way back home via the Henry Hudson Pkwy along the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline. This is a beautiful view at night.

Another successful tale from our journeys in NY.

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