Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trying this again...

Well, here we are again, trying to keep everyone up to date with our lives. I think we are going to have to slow down in order for that to happen. Here is a quick update on the past few months. Don graduated on April 18 from physical therapy school. We left the next week for a trip to NYC. That is how he got his job working for Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in New York. His clinic is in Mamaroneck, NY. (For all of you trying to pronounce that, it is not even work it.)
We soon started our drive across the country on June 2nd. We left San Diego to go to Arizona and visit the Grand Canyon. That was awesome and we stayed right on Rt. 66. Pretty cool part of our trip.

Next comes the boring part of driving every day for the next 3 days to end in Knoxville, TN. We spent 3 days in Knoxville with family having a BBQ and seeing old friends.

We soon made our way to our alma mater - Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. We spend an unexpected, but relaxing 2 days in Lynchburg with friends and professors. It is amazing how much one place can change when you haven't seen it in 3 years. We also got to stay with one of Don's professors "out on the farm". We had a relaxing time in their farm house while being surrounded by cows, donkeys, goats and every other animal you can think of. Just a shout out for Dr. Howell's new book that is coming out The Barfoot Book. (check out the website: to see if he is coming to a town near you!)

We finally left Lynchburg on June 9th to arrive later that evening in Long Island. We drove through the busiest time in NYC to get there. Never will we make that mistake again. After driving everywhere we go for 1 week by GPS, I think we are beginning to feel "at home". (figuratively speaking-because we don't have a house yet).

In a nutshell, I will post pictures once we have a permanent living situation and an internet link to post them with. We are currently "camping" indoors with an air mattress and some clothes. Hey, we are survivors!

The next few months will be interesting with finding a place to live, getting situated, having a baby and anything else that we can undertake!!!

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