Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Months

Today my little guy is officially 2 months old. Time is flying by. It is hard to remember what life was like before him. The past month has been fun and frenzied all at the same time. This month he has gained more strength in rolling over, can hold his head up by his hands (not just his elbows), coos all the time, laughs, giggles a little, loves to take baths and showers, had his first cold, started teething and loves long walks on the beach (just making sure you're listening!) He weighs 14.3 lbs and is 24.5 inches long. He wears a few 0-3 month clothes and a few 3-6 month clothes. We have perfected the art of cloth diapering (at least for this stage). He loves to be worn in the sling while strolling around Manhattan. He sleeps partially in our bed and partially in the cosleeper. He has slept for 5 hours but mostly sleeps between 3-4 hour stretches. He likes his bouncy seat for a short while, then usually goes back to being worn in the sling. He likes to cuddle. He likes to be held while I bounce on the physio-ball. He is my little man and I love watching his development.

He has also taught me many more crucial things over the past month. As he puts me through mommy boot camp, I am constantly amazed at the new obstacles that he can throw my way.

Life lessons courtesy of Jaxon:

1. Let down still occurs at the most unfortunate times.
2. Patterned shirts are always a better choice for public. (see #1)
3. Cutting a baby's fingernails is an art and a science that require mad skills.
4. His favorite place to breastfeed is walking through the mall being worn in a sling when I have 5 shopping bags in my hands, a drink and not a chair in sight.
5. The quieter the place, the more likely he will cry and it will probably be loud.
6. Cuddling is always a priority to anything I was doing or planning on doing.
7. Any hair near his hands is fair game.
8. Always buy the outfit one size larger as he will outgrow it as soon as you cut the tags, wash it, and make it non-returnable.
9. His smile will always make any day better.
10. When I think I can't possibly love him anymore than I already do, the next day comes and so does more love!

We have definitely had our struggles as any new parents do, but we are so blessed to have him in our lives!

A few parenting books/blogs/news from this month have included:
The Happiest Baby on the Block
Diaper Free Baby
Better for Babies blog
the Natural Child Project website/blog


  1. SO happy for you, wait until u have another, it gets better

  2. I'll never forget the first time I cut Ella's fingernails a little too close...so sad. Jeremiah remains our resident fingernail cutter to this day, ha!

    Those are some very vital pieces of information to have learned already! Way to go =)!