Friday, January 7, 2011

Three Months

Well, we have made it 3 months with our little man. It is amazing how time flies. We have already had so many "firsts". We had our first Thanksgiving, our first Christmas, our first New Year's, our first car trip, and our first airplane trip. He's had a busy little life in just 3 months. He has been in NY, NJ and TN already. I'm so sure that he will remember to tell you all about his experience with these things, also!! I know he is somewhere between 15 and 16 lbs now and is about 25-26 inches tall. He is teething like crazy, grasping for his toys, "talking" (oohs and ahhs), smiling, laughing, loves his bath time, eating like he may never get fed again, not waking as much (see side note), and starting to like his Jumparoo seat!

*****Side Note****
He is not waking as much, but he is eating all night long. Let me explain. We went to my dad's house for New Year's and spent 10 days there. Before going, I had been placing him in the cosleeper for the first few hours at night, and then moving him over to our bed in the early, early morning. He would then nurse on and off for the rest of the morning. This usually happened around 4 or 5. When we were at my dad's house, he slept with me all night. My dad has a heated mattress pad on the bed, so Jaxon would spread out and sleep great on the heated bed. He would cuddle next to me all night and nurse freely. I have given up on changing this as we do sleep great this way. He nurses whenever all night and I sleep all night (mostly). The co sleeper has became a great place to hold diapers and wipes :)!

Little Updates:
1. He still continues to refuse all pacifiers of every shape and size
2. He nurses like a champ
3. He has horrible eczema which requires daily oatmeal baths, prescription cream, calendula cream and a dairy free mommy
4. He has started bringing both legs up into the crawling position, but can't quite lift his head off the ground at the same time
5. Cloth diaper is going great. We have every shape and sort of cloth diaper. We even have daddy friendly cloth diapers.
6. He likes to look at himself in the mirror.
7. Teething has brought on the world of constant drooling.
8. He is still the cutest guy ever!!!

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