Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poo and Pee and All That In Between!!!

Well, we are officially embarking on an elimination journey with Elimination Communication. Jaxon is teaching us when he needs to poo or pee in the potty instead of in diapers. I encourage anyone with kids to read up on it. It is a great tool to get to know your baby even better. We officially started it full time today, but have been doing it occasionally up to this point. He has peed in the toilet multiple times. We are still working on poos at this point. Lots of diaper free time. Beware, you may see many naked baby pics coming up.

Our goal is not to potty learn early (although that will probably be accomplished), but to increase our communication to each other. As he communicates his need to poo or pee, I increase my communication to him by answering these needs. He seems to enjoy his diaper free time. We also just purchased his brand new potty. We purchased the BeCO potty which is truly biodegradable after we are finished. Also, some more baby legs coming our way to keep those little legs warm when not wearing much clothing or diapers.

Bid us well on our journey....

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  1. GL and post lots of updates! I am interested in trying it the next time around. I think we have missed the boat for Elliott, though we do lots of diaper free time around here too.